Fixed Rates

Complete as few as 3 fields and Get 3 CONVENTIONAL FIXED RATE OPTIONS and TERMS side by side.

Primary/Second Homes

CONVENTIONAL RATES for loan sizes of $30,000 - $510,400.

Credit Scores Above 660

(Primary and Second Homes) with minimum credit scores of 660 or higher.

Conventional Rates

Trust us, Conventional rates are not competitive with credit scores below 660.

All Priced The Same

All Priced The Same: No Points. No Lender Fees. No Kidding.

30 Day Lock Prices

Accurate 30-day lock prices shown. Monthly MI Premiums (if over 80% loan to value are accurate).

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Refinancing Your Mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage has never been easier and in some cases requires no documentation or an appraisal, depending in some factors. One of the best things about refinancing is you control everything from title company choice to the date and time of closing that is convenient to you. Let’s get you started.

Best Price or Best Value, That Is The Question

We all “want” the best price. That is why we “swipe” on our phones to Amazon for so many products before purchasing a specific item. We love to buy, but hate being “sold” anything.

Lenders and/or Brokers only control the origination costs (rate and fees for the lender and appraisal, possibly) for your refinance. That is, it. YOU can control/pick the other services, if required, such as the settlement/title agent. The other recording fees are charged by the counties or state and are the same for any borrower with that mortgage and independent of the lender.

Escrows or impound accounts will be the same at closing for every lender because they are all required to carry the same cushion and it is controlled by what is called an aggregate escrow adjustment calculator.

So, you are in effect, pricing your labor costs for the loan when comparing quotes on the same day. We believe it keeping it very simple and very competitively priced, so that “price” or pricing is not the question. We also believe in allowing you to see our pricing without having to disclose personal, private information such as your Social Security Number to get a price for a Conventional Fixed Rate quote. We expect you have a pretty good idea as to what your score is, and our pricing model smooths our rounds rates and pricing a little more in your favor anyway. That’s the Lagniappe in Loanyap for you.