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We Did Not Invent the Mortgage

We simplified it!


We did not reinvent the Mortgage. We Simplified It!

We strive to provide Our Customers with the most up-to-date market rates. Get Rates Now

More Time.

A little extra time saved from documentation requirements.

More Privacy.

A little more privacy when searching for a rate quote. We don’t require your personal contact info for quotes.

Better Pricing.

A little better pricing than traditional mortgage channels.

Identity Safety.

A little more safety of your identity. We utilize 3rd party verification services versus paper documentation.

Power and Control.

A little more power and control of your own transaction for pricing and speed of the internet.

More Guidance.

A little more guidance of a local mortgage pro here when you need it.

No Need To Complicate It

With today’s technology, we all know our CIA: Credit Score(s), Income and Assets. That's a loan application. Empowering you with knowledge is our passion.

3 Fixed Loan Options

No Conditions, No Kidding

3rd Party Reports are electronically uploaded. Desktop Underwriter may approve it as is. Possible Appraisal Waivers as well.

3 Clicks and Get Rates

No Need to Document It

Smarter (Most income and asset data are online)
Faster (3rd Party reports are returned instantly)
Safer (No Paperwork means less identify theft)

Get 3 Fixed Rates


Check out some of our Client Reviews
  • Martin took all the worry about our mortgage, so we could concentrate on our move.

    J Marques Orlando, FL
  • Martin’s preparation prior to meeting with us made our refinance so simple and easy.

    W Marks Clermont, FL
  • Martin’s experience in the mortgage industry shows. It really made our experience seamless.

    S McConnell Baton Rouge, LA
  • Martin has handled over 30 mortgages for us in our 25-year relationship. Service and pricing are great.

    John B Winter Springs, FL
  • Martin educated us on any and everything we wanted. He told us, "It's your home and loan. You deserve it."

    S Craft Fern Park, FL
  • Martin made our mortgage experience about us. He takes care of all the little behind-the scene details.

    M Kinsler Orlando, FL